Sapienza, Rome, Italy

FRED is developed and continuously upgraded in order to support many R&D projects of the Medical Physics Group at SBAI Department. Master theses and PhD projects are offered to students in order to introduce new physics models in the main code. FRED is also used as a particle tracking tool in the design of new detectors and imaging diagnostics techniques to be introduced in the clinical practice.

CCB, Krakow, Poland

The first implementation of the beam model for two gantry rooms with dedicated scanning nozzles (IBA). FRED code is used for clinical study of patient treatment plans.

MAASTRO, Maastricht, the Netherlands

The first implementation of the beam model for compact gantry with multi-leaf collimator system (Mevion S250i Hyperscan system). FRED code is used for patient treatment verification on a daily basis and for clinical studies.

PSI, Villigen, Switzerland

The beam model for self-made gantry with scanning beam has been implemented and clinically validated. FRED code is used for PSQA, log-files recalculation and clinical studies.

EMORY, Atlanta, the USA

The beam model has been implemented and validated for ProBeam system (Varian).