Physics Control

The implemented physics modules and be activated/deactivated for investigating the relative importance of simulated processes in a given setup.

Stopping power module

lTracking_dEdx = T|f

activate/deactivate energy loss by ionization

lTracking_fluc = T|f

activate/deactivate energy loss fluctuations (a.k.a. energy straggling)

IonizPotential = (float)

retune the mean ionization potential [eV] of liquid water

Default value: 75 eV

stoppowPathlengthCutoff = (float)

residual particle pathlength [cm] that is used to define the tracking cut-off energy

Default value: 0.0010 cm = 10 um

stoppowDTmax = (float)

max allowed fractional energy loss in a single step (i.e. the energy step limiter)

Default value: 0.02 = 2%

Nuclear interaction modules

lTracking_nuc_el = T|f

activate/deactivate nuclear elastic interactions

lTracking_nuc_inel = T|f

activate/deactivate nuclear inelastic interactions

lTracking_nuc = T|f

activate/deactivate all nuclear interactions (both elastic and inelastic)

Multiple Scattering module

lTracking_mcs = T|f

activate/deactivate Multiple Coulomb Scattering (elastic scattering)

mcsMode = (integer)

0 = single gaussian distribution based on Highland’s formula (1G-H)

1 = single gaussian distribution using tabulated values (1G)

2 = double gaussian distribution using tabulated values (2G)

3 = triple gaussian distribution using tabulated values (3G)

4 = gaussian distribution + 2 Rutherford-like tails using tabulated values (G2R)

5 = double gaussian distribution + Rutherford-like tail using tabulated values (2GR)

6 = single effective gaussian distribution: Rossi-Greisen formula + correction a’ la Fippel (1G-RGF)

Default mode: 6