Round beam on a head phantom

Import the built-in CT scan of an anthropomorphic phantom and deliver a round beam of 100 MeV protons.

Input file:

# geometry definition
region: phantom; CTscan=MrHead; pivot=[0.5,0.5,0.0]; O=[0,0,0]; score= Dose

# source definition
pbXsec=disc # round cross section with uniform distribution
pbFWHM=5 # diameter of the beam
pbE = 100 # energy of beam[MeV]

nprim=1e5 # no of primary protons to deliver


MrHead is a built-in CT scan at low resolution (2x2x2 mm) of an anthropomorphic phantom that you can use to explore FRED capabilities in tracking particles through a heterogeneous phantom.


Dose-Phantom overlay

Dose-Phantom overlay