Patient Workflow

A simple patient workflow simulation and analysis. The already simulated example can be downloaded using the link below.

Patient Workflow.

The example consists of:

  • - beam model describing a proton scanning pencil beam with the emittance lateral propagation model and a single range shifter block. The model can be read by FREDtools.

  • CT.mhd - 3D CT image in Meta-Image format. The image can be prepared by conversion and modification of a DICOM CT set. The FREDtools consists of all the necessary implementations for this purpose.

  • RN.dcm - DICOM treatment plan describing all the fields and pencil beams energies and positions. The plan can be converted to FRED input files described below with so-called getPlan script. Contact the FRED developers for more information.

  • fred.inp - the main FRED input file that defines the simulation setting and calls other files.

  • materials.inp - the FRED input file defining the range shifter material.

  • regions.inp - the FRED input file defining the range shifter geometry.

  • rtplan.inp - the FRED input file defining the pencil beams, including their energies, propagation, position, and fields’ rotations, i.e. gantry and couch rotations.

The example can be run by simpy:

$ fred -f fred.inp

The dose distribution overlapped wit the CT can be visualized with:

$ -CT CT.mhd out/Dose.mhd -DCO 0.1

which enables to inspect the dose distribution.

Dose-Phantom overlay

Dose-Phantom overlay